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Happy Readers - Amazon Reviews

No matter what u do, you can’t escape the enormous amounts of data that comes your way.. This book has helped me in making sense of and portraying the marketing data at my organisation to amazement of senior management.. I would recommend this book to every working professional for easy and gripping read on how to make friends with DATA.. happy learning



The explanation are lucid and any body can learn python from this book easily.
This is really great book which develops your interest in python learning as well makes you master of python
This book covers all aspects of python very precisely .

Amazon Customer

Very easy to understand .. clears all the basics of programming .. python is explained so very well with snaps ,easy examples and illustrations .. big thumbs up ..

ankkita sharma


Good for beginners. Teaches data science,python and many aspects of it😘Ordered a Kindle edition. Think I'll learn python in the next three months or so. Recommending it.


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